Before installing Lima on windows plateform, you need to install the following tools :


As Lima is not packaged,the only way for now is to retreived it from the git repository. Lima can be retreived using GitHub for Windows. There are two ways to get Lima :

  • For ordinary user, you can get the source code directly (zip file),
  • For developpers who want to share their work with the community, you must create a fork and clone Lima.

The procedure to retreived is described below.

  • create an account
Launch GitHub form the desktop menu and click on “LOG IN”.
Click on “SIGN UP”.
On the web page click on “Create a free account”.
Answer the followning information and click on “Create an account”.
  • Get source code for ordinary user
Launch GitHub form the desktop menu and click on “LOG IN”.
Enter your login and your pathword and click on “LOG IN”.
Click on your login to go to your dashboard.
Once logged, enter “” in the address bar.

Retrieved source code by clicking on “ZIP button”.

  • Fork and clone Lima for developpers
Launch GitHub and log in. You can modify you default storage directory by selecting “Tools/Options...” menu.

Repeat the previous steps and create a fork by clicking on “Fork”. You can now clone Lima repository on your default storage directory.

Compilation & Installation

Installation of Lima works on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Installation is done by following the steps below:
  • Copy config.inc_default to in the Lima directory.
  • Configure file for used cameras.
  • Run “install.bat” from the Lima directory. Installation takes a few minutes.

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