Supported Cameras

Conda packages

The following Conda packages are available from the esrf-bcu channel. Some cameras may required to manually install the drivers for the given SDK version.

Camera Linux Windows SDK
Andor Yes Yes linux 2.91 win 2.102
Andor3 Yes   sdk3 3.13
Basler Yes Yes Pylon 5.0 / 5.1
Eiger (Dectris) Yes    
Frelon Yes   libEspia 3.10.0
Maxipix Yes   libEspia 3.10.0
PCO   Yes PCO 1.23
Pilatus Yes    
Pointgrey Yes   FlyCapture 2.3.3
Prosilica Yes   PvAPI 1.24
SLS Detector / PSI Yes    
Ueye Yes   uEye 4.61.0
V4L2 Yes    
Simulator Yes Yes