The ULTRA Detector System enables capture of one dimensional spectra at extremely high rates. Where CCDs were used to capture a line of data at a time, the ULTRA Detector System offers many orders of magnitude faster time framing. ULTRA is a compact turnkey system. The data acquisition system is attached in a compact form factor unit with gigabit Ethernet out and multiple I/O options onboard.

Ultra Specification:-

Sustained Spectral Rate 20 KHz (spectra per second) Maximum Frame Period <500 ns Minimum Spectral Sensitivity 5 – 17KeV 300µm thickness. 500µm also available. Output Gigabit Ethernet Pixel configuration Si 512 linear strips @ 50µm pitch ADC Dynamic Range 16 Bit Synchronisation Inputs TTL or Fibre Optic Integration Time <1us - 650us frames TriggeringExternal (TTL or Fibre) or Internal (10KHz fixed)


The default network setup is (excluding the site network connection):

1GBit Copper network for control communinication between the PC and the Ultra box.

Installation & Module configuration

  • follow first the steps for the linux installation Installation

The minimum configuration file is config.inc :


Initialisation and Capabilities

In order to help people to understand how the camera plugin has been implemented in LImA this section provide some important information about the developer’s choices.

Camera initialisation

The camera will be initialized within the UltraCamera object. A TCP and UDP socket connections on the 1GBit port are established

The Ultra requires the following parameters with the recommended settings. headname = hostname = tcpPort = 7 udpPort = 5005 npixels = 512

Std capabilites

This plugin has been implemented with respect of the mandatory capabilites but with some limitations which are due to the camera. We only provide here extra information for a better understanding of the capabilities for Ultra cameras.

  • HwDetInfo

    getCurrImageType/getDefImageType(): is set to Bpp16

  • HwSync

    get/setTrigMode(): the only supported modes are IntTrig, ExtTrigMult and IntTrigMult

Optional capabilities

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