Pixirad Tango device

This is the reference documentation of the Pixirad Tango device.

you can also find some useful information about the camera models/prerequisite/installation/configuration/compilation in the Pixirad camera plugin section.


Property name Mandatory Default value Description
ip_address Yes N/A The ip address or the hostname of the detector computer interface
port_number No 6666 The port number for detector (DAQ commmands)
initial_model No PX8 Model type PX1, PX2 or PX8


Attribute name RW Type Description
high_threshold0 rw DevDouble High Energy threshold 0 (KeV)
low_threshold0 rw DevDouble Low Energy threshold 0 (KeV)
high_threshold1 rw DevDouble High Energy threshold 1 (KeV)
low_threshold1 rw DevDouble Low Energy threshold 1 (KeV)
dead_time_free_mode rw DevString
Enable or disable the free mode dead-time:
cooling_temperature_setpoint rw DevDouble Cooling temperature setpoint for the peltier module of the detector
high_voltage_biais rw DevDouble Bias tension for the high voltage in manual mode
high_voltage_delay_before_on rw DevDouble Delay for the hv before acquisition
h_v_refresh_period rw DevShort How many image before hv is reset
delay_between_frames rw DevShort Delay between frame in loop acquisition (millisecond)
color_mode rw DevString
Color mode:
sensor_config_build rw DevString
The configuration build:
  • PX1
  • PX2
  • PX8
trsf_mode rw DevString
Moderated or unmoderated udp transport, modes are:
  • UMOD
  • MOD
h_v_bias_mode_power rw DevBoolean Enable (True) or disable (False) the high voltage
hybrid_mode rw DevString CDTE or GAAS
temperature_peltier_cold rw DevDouble Temperature of the peltier (live) cold surface in Celsuis
temperature_peltier_hot rw DevDouble Temperature of the peltier (live) Hot surface in Celsuis
high_voltage_tension rw DevDouble The tension of the High Voltage in Volt
box_humidity ro DevDouble The moisture level in the detector box
box_temperature ro DevDouble The temperature in the detector box in Celsuis
peltier_power ro DevDouble The percentage of peltier power
alarm_temp_too_hot ro DevBoolean The temperature is too hot alarm
alarm_temp_too_hot_enabled ro DevBoolean The Alarm <<Temperature is too hot>> is enabled or not (is watched or not)
alarm_temp_too_cold ro DevBoolean The temperature is too cold alarm
alarm_temp_too_cold_enabled ro DevBoolean The Alarm <<Temperature is too cold>> is enabled or not (is watched or not)
alarm_humidity ro DevBoolean The humidity is too high
alarm_humidity_enabled ro DevBoolean The Alarm <<Humidity>> is enabled or not (is watched or not)

Please refer to the Pixirad documention for more information on parameter meanings.


Command name Arg. in Arg. out Description
Init DevVoid DevVoid Do not use
State DevVoid DevLong Return the device state
Status DevVoid DevString Return the device state as a string
getAttrStringValueList DevString: Attribute name DevVarStringArray: String value list Return the authorized string value list for a given attribute name

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